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    The SlenderMan As We Know Him/It

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    The SlenderMan As We Know Him/It Empty The SlenderMan As We Know Him/It

    Post  CreepyPastaNation on Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:59 pm

    Lets get started, shall we

    The SlenderMan's presence was first documented in Brazilian cave paintings, then in Egyptian hieroglyph, and then to Germany where A German wood cut artist named Hans Freckenberg in the 1540's in Halstberg. The wood cuts were of a tall, multi-limbed, skeletal being. The first one (Der Ritter) was of the same odd entity battling a human; the entity is clearly winning. Another wood cut was made in the 1540's with the same entity taking a child away from her family in a farm. Hans Freckenberg disappeared in 1543, no evidence was found that concluded to where he had gone. Historians discovered the wood cuts in 1883, they were puzzled as to what they were looking at. I noticed 3 similarities with the wood cuts:

    1. the entities have the same facial features

    2.the entities both have more limbs than a normal primate would

    3. there are hour glasses in both wood cuts, in my mind this meant there time was up.

    The next documented piece of evidence was in England, 1923. He is standing in a corner watching a great deal of children holding hands, in a circle, spinning. there are so many more audio files, video's, pictures, stories. I could tell you all of them with dates and locations but it would take far too long to put it in this on post. All you need to know is that i'v put all the information on a map in my house and i'v seen the pattern he is moving in. But before i tell you what it is, you need to know that you cant call it "BS" because i tried really hard on this project and i'd like to see you do a better job. So here it is:

    The SlenderMan is moving in an "S" shape. Yes, an "S" shape, this still puzzles me today. the "S" isn't perfect, as a matter of fact it is a very sloppy "S" and looks like something drawn like the letters on the notes in Parsec Productions, SLENDER.

    The SlenderMan is a creature that is said to have been stalking humans since the beginning of time. There are hundreds of eye-witness accounts, some are real, some are fake. The SlenderMan is said to be 7-10 ft. tall, with arms that almost touch his feet, and at least 6 tentacles that originates form his/its back. he/it can be anywhere at any time. no matter where you go or where you hide, from one end of the earth to the next, no matter what you do. . . The SlenderMan will find you.

    - SlenderSuitMan A.K.A. Conner

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