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    The Dead Are Watching

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    In Too Deep

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    Post  Tahrgat on Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:34 pm

    Hello, I am the creator of TDAW. I started the series in January of 2011. I've been going strong ever since. As with most series I learned more as I went. That does not mean I dislike my early work, but I'd definitely alter a few things if I could go back.

    The main protagonist is Leo. He has this need to prove that the paranormal is real. So to kickstart the evidence Leo opts to perform a makeshift ritual created from his studies into the occult. This turns out to be a very bad choice.

    If your interested in seeing my series or learning more then please visit any of these links:

    The Dead Are Watching In Order Playlist:

    The Dead Are Watching Youtube Channel:

    The Dead Are Watching Website:

    If you have any comments, criticisms, questions or whatever then feel free to reply ^.^

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