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    LSD Dream Emulator and The Grey Man

    In Too Deep
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    LSD Dream Emulator and The Grey Man Empty LSD Dream Emulator and The Grey Man

    Post  Tahrgat on Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:31 pm

    So there is this game called LSD Dream Emulator. The game was originally made for the PS1 and only released in Japan. The game was a very odd and obscure title that had a limited release. Since then it has garnered a cult following and can be played via emulator.

    The following is an actual account of my first experience with the game and what happened after I played.

    After hearing about LSD Dream Emulator I had to check it out. A game where you could play through drug addled trippy dreams. How unique and awesome is that? Also finding out that it has a cult following is heavy bate for me. I have a Youtube channel called Tahrgat's Misadventures where I post "Let's Plays" and random videos. I thought that a play-through of LSDDE would fit right in there. So I made one and a "Best Of" video since the original was like half an hour long.

    Here is the short video:

    At 1:55 I was confronted by s very out-of-place NPC. He was dressed in all grey and contrasted greatly with the bight, flashy environment I had just entered. He appeared to be floating towards me, but vanished before he got to close. Amid all of the crazy things I had seen while playing I barely gave this event a second thought.

    Since the episode was so long I had to leave my computer on overnight to render the video. While I was lying in bed I had a strange feeling that I was being watched. This feeling is uncommon for me because I am jaded from my love of horror. However I eventually made it to sleep.

    I must have had a terrible nightmare because I was jarred awake. I gasped and lifted my head. My body was covered in sweat. I was lying on my side and looked out to my open room. For just waking up my eyes were oddly keen at seeing every detail of the dimly lit room.

    Standing across the room, facing me, was that same grey clad figure from the game. The only difference was that his hat was off and he appeared to be a bit blurry. His distorted blurriness contrasted with how clearly I could make out detail in the rest of the room.

    I blinked and he was gone. The happening was probably just a product of my groggy mind so abruptly waking out of a nightmare, but it was still very unnerving. Unable to sleep I got up and began looking around the internet. I found two other stories that focus on the grey clad npc. They refer to him as "The Grey Man" and talk about how he comes for you in your dreams.

    Here are the videos:

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